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Help Me!

May 6, 2010
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I have been living with no internet connection for the most part of a week. Let me tell you, it sucks.  I can quite happily go tech free for weeks at a time when we’re camping. At home it’s different though. There a lots of things I need to be distracted from here.  Like ironing. [...]

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10 Effective Ways to Stay Motivated During Winter

August 12, 2009
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It’s hard to stay motivated in winter.  It’s cold, often wet and windy.  And dark.  Dark when the alarm goes off.  Dark when after school activities have finished. I’m not all that keen on getting out and running errands any time, but in winter I need a pretty good reason to leave the house.  You [...]

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Achieving goals – June

July 2, 2008

It’s time to report in and see how well I’ve done in achieving the goals I set for June. I have to say that knowing I’d be writing about my goals here, for all to see, has really made me focus. Blogging Write a series of posts to schedule if I am away. I’m into [...]

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Getting things done in June

June 26, 2008

Image via Wikipedia As promised, it’s time to review my getting things done at home progress. I mentioned in , that it’s the review part that often stumps me even though I consider it to be the most important part of the process. I use a paper based intray for, well, paper stuff. For thoughts [...]

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Everyone can learn to be organised

June 10, 2008

Do you think people are born organised or that everyone can learn to be organised? Last week in GTD Times there was a post discussing research showing that intelligence is not a fixed attribute (Expandable Intelligence: the Effort Effect and Learning How to be Organized | GTD Times). Rather it is something that can be [...]

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Getting things done at home – Summary

May 28, 2008

After a few days of chewing over the Getting Things Done (GTD) system I thought it might be useful to do a quick summary of the steps involved. Collect Get everything out of your head, gather all the little bits around the house and in the car and get them into your in tray. Empty [...]

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