Menu Plan Resurrection

August 3, 2010

I’ve fallen off the menu plan wagon lately. I’ve become boring and predictable with our meals. It’s easy because I know what we’re going to eat without thinking about it. But it’s, well, boring and predictable. I’m over boring and predictable. More than that, swimming training has started. Swimming, combined with dancing lessons (though not [...]

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Interview with the future PM

July 30, 2010
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  After seeing Julia Gillard on the TV every day recently my baby, all of 5 years old, has declared she will be Prime Minister when she grows up.  No ifs or buts, it will just be so.  I love that confidence in kids that they can be and do whatever they choose, barriers be [...]

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Geelong Waterfront

July 29, 2010
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Over the weekend we took the kids down to Geelong’s waterfront for a bit of a wander.  It’s only 15 minutes from home and on a mild day, like it was on Sunday, it’s a fantastic place for a stroll. I always kick myself when we do get down there.  We should take advantage of [...]

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I’ve been bitten

July 27, 2010
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A strange thing happened to me on the weekend. I felt a sense of calm and clarity that has been missing for a long time. I opened my computer and did a search for some decorating blogs.  Can you believe it?  I can’t! I haven’t had an inkling of decorating urge for the longest time. [...]

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The highs & lows of school holidays

July 8, 2010

As far as school holidays go, the last 10 days have been pretty reasonable.  We didn’t get to go away in the caravan, but we’ve had sleep in’s aplenty (if you count 7am as a sleep in), a few nights in the country, fun outings and even a party. Here I was thinking to myself [...]

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Footy’s a tough game

June 8, 2010
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On perhaps the coldest day yet this year we piled the whole family into the car and headed for a footy ground out in the middle of the country side for The Engineer’s under 10′s lightening premiership. While the girls were brushing up on their World Cup skills the boys were displaying their brutish strength. [...]

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