My transformation

November 13, 2012
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A while ago I came across this picture, had a bit of a giggle and thought “Yep, that pretty much sums me up”. Except it had been more like 15 years than 5 since I had set foot in a gym. Funny as it was, I was starting to feel like I had the body [...]

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Life by Pinterest

November 7, 2012
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I love Pinterest. There are so many clever, creative, wise, funny, beautiful people on there that it didn’t take long till I was inspired up to the eyeballs. So I pin, pin, pin filling up boards with wonderful ideas from these people. I’m starting to see a problem though. Although I’m doing lots of pinning [...]

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There’s always a silver lining

October 31, 2012
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Or gold, as the case may be. But I didn’t see it at first. After being super organised and booking our September caravan hols to Mulwala well in advance, it seemed karma was out to get us. I did all my research and picked a park I thought the kids would have a great time [...]

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What’s this, then?

October 24, 2012
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My poor neglected blog. Over the last 6 months I’ve been toying with the idea of giving it some love. But then every time I looked at it, the first thing I saw was that seriously unappetising slow cooker meal photo below. You know what it looks like. So I left again, rather quickly. So [...]

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Menu plan – Leaving on a jet plane edition

August 11, 2010

Image via Wikipedia Last week’s menu plan was such a hit I’m back with another one this week.  Only this time The Thinker is doing some of the work for me. Because … I’m off to Adelaide for a girly weekend!  I can hardly believe it. Two whole days of gossiping, eating and drinking with [...]

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I’ve lost my bearings

August 6, 2010
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They say a change is as good as a holiday.  It’s been a good three months since we had a trip which might explain why we’ve changed our bedroom around. I’ve been thinking about for a while.  Planning it all out in my head.  In there, it looked great.  And in fact, it does look [...]

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