Looking after yourself

November 14, 2008

Here I am on the sunny side of a lingering virus.  I know I’m on the mend because I’m actually beginning to formulate some posts in my mind.  I’m beginning to feel like writing again.  In case you hadn’t noticed, posting here hasn’t been high on my to do list of late It’s been around [...]

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Eat to save your life

July 18, 2008

Image via Wikipedia Earlier this week I watched Jamie Oliver’s Eat to Save Your Life. What a fascinating program. It was based around analysing the diet of a group of ordinary people and then shocking the pants off them by telling them what would happen if they didn’t change their bad food habits. I think [...]

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Achieving goals – June

July 2, 2008

It’s time to report in and see how well I’ve done in achieving the goals I set for June. I have to say that knowing I’d be writing about my goals here, for all to see, has really made me focus. Blogging Write a series of posts to schedule if I am away. I’m into [...]

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Smiley Saturday

June 21, 2008

As part of my I’ll be taking part in Lightening’s Smiley Saturday’s a bit more regularly. Some of the things that had me smiling this week were: Cinderella has learnt how to skip properly. She had been the only one in her dancing class that couldn’t get the co-ordination right. This week, after watching the [...]

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Living with a chronic illness

June 19, 2008

After getting over my initial shock at being a couple of years ago, I’ve never really thought about the implications of living with a chronic illness. For the most part I feel well, with only minor side effects from my medication. I don’t need to do a lot to manage my illness apart from take [...]

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The beginnings of my Happiness Project

June 17, 2008

Last week on Smiley Saturday, I wrote about The Happiness Project. Since then I’ve been thinking about what my Happiness Project could be. Of course, in it’s basic form it will be something that makes me happy. But what makes me happy? It’s a journey of discovery I guess. The first step is to find [...]

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