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April 15, 2013

in Homekeeping

I’m eternally searching for the perfect calendar for our fridge. Ideally, it needs room for everyone’s stuff, including the menu plan, the dates should be large enough to read across the room & it should be easy enough for the kids to figure out. This year’s is prett good, except I don’t like filling out everyone’s names each month – hard to please, I know. If I was a bit organised I’d make some stickers to speed up the process.
Anyway, the menu planning part of this calendar is quite handy. I don’t like looking at an empty notepad, nor do I like seeing old menus on there (see, really hard to please). So I have a bit of motivation to do a new menu plan each week. It’s got me back in the menu planning groove.
menu plan

This week we’re having:

Monday: curried sausages & sweet potato mash (using these little sausos I found at Aldi)
menu plan sausages
Tuesday: fettuccine Alfredo
Wednesday: quiche, corn & chats
Thursday: mulligatawny
Friday: homemade burgers
Saturday: salmon & feta frittata
Sunday: roast pork & vegies

Baking: pear & banana muffins

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