A day in Bank World

May 13, 2010

in Bits & Pieces

Did you all have a lovely mother’s day? I hope so.

I got my wish of a day with no housework which was just wonderful. It took some convincing The Thinker though. He reckons he would’ve preferred to buy something than spend time in the kitchen and laundry.

After some quality time with the family early in the day, I advised everyone I was going to Bank World, a la Barbara.  I love Barbara, although I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t love dealing with her.

The kids were a little confused at first, but soon go the “Not my problem” message. Perhaps a little too well … Cinderella wrote about it the next day at school. A little awkward, as I was helping in class at the time. After spending six hours a day with 23 grade ones and twos, I’m sure her teacher understands.

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