The Great Footy Team Debate

April 27, 2010

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There’s been a quiet discord sizzling in our family of five.  It bubbles to the surface on weekends.  ”Who do you ‘team’ for?”, is the question in everyone’s lips*.  For eight years, The Thinker has been attempting to recruit one of the kids to his side. The Dark Side. The Blues.

For eight years he’s failed. First The Engineer who was lured by a billboard of Tom Harley we passed each time we drove into town.  He’s now a Cats boy through and through. Tom got me in, too.  Can you blame me?

Geelong Cats AFL Premiers 2009 Image by

The Thinker’s second chance was with Cinderella.  He thought he had her, too. Until her pesky prep teacher, a Bombers fan, worked her magic on Cinderella’s impressionable psyche.

Little Mermaid was his last chance.  She was proving to be a difficult nut to crack.  She showed no firm allegiance, changing her team on a whim. Sometimes multiple times per game.

And so it was, as we gathered up the kids on Monday for an Aussie day out at the G (Melbourne Cricket Ground).  The Cats v The Blues.  Do or die for The Thinker.

True to form Little Mermaid changed her team at least three times in the first quarter. It was no coincidence that’s how often the lead changed.  Then the unthinkable happened. The Blues pulled out in front.  And kept going.  Little Mermaid was getting quite excited each time a goal was kicked.  She swapped seats so she was next to The Thinker.  I knew all was lost when I saw her high-fiving him after yet another Blues goal.

Finally, The Thinker has a comrade. At least until The Blues lose a game.

*Teaming is the act of barracking for someone. Cinderella coined the term when she was about three and it’s stuck.  We all use it and can’t understand when other people have no idea what we’re talking about.  Who do you team for?

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