Shirt collars and deals gone bad

August 31, 2009

in Homekeeping

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Does anybody like ironing? I’ve tried to make it as bearable as possible.

I listen to my iPod while I’m mindlessly waving the iron back and forth.

I bought a “you beaut” Laura Star iron (which I love – but not in the same way I love my coffee machine – and is worth every cent I paid for it) to cut ironing time.

I (mostly) systematically fold the washing as it comes in off the line.


But no matter what I do still it’s one of those jobs I dread doing. I put it off and put it off until I end up begrudgingly spending a Sunday afternoon ironing work shirts and school uniforms. Why?

I think it’s because it’s never finished. As I near the end of one pile I know there’s another one on the line just waiting to come in. I don’t even put the ironing board away anymore.


Why didn’t somebody warn me about this before I made a deal with The Thinker? I would bear his children and iron his shirts. In return I could become a stay at home mum.

There must be a way to give him the shirts back and keep the good bits!

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