$21 Challenge Fail – Sort Of

June 9, 2009

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Well, the first week of the Simple Savings $21 Challenge has passed. You can read a bit more about the actual challenge here. And although technically I failed because I spent more than $21, I still came out on top.

In total, I spent $55.05 on food items (not including fruit, veg, milk & bread). That’s a whopping saving of over $100 on my normal spend. Wow. Granted, I did have a small stock of meat in the freezer and a few tins in the pantry but not what I’d call a stockpile.

This week’s going to get a bit tougher as I’ve made my way through most of the supplies I already had. That means delving into the Simple Savings Vault to find some great ideas to stretch things out a bit. I think I should still be able to make big savings though.

I did a rushed job through the supermarket just before lunch last week and didn’t have the best attitude. There were a few things I picked up I wouldn’t normally have bought because I figured I was saving so much anyway. Makes no sense at all now, but at the time it seemed logical!

I estimate that I’ll save at least $300 on groceries this month. Oh, what I could spend that on :-)

Unfortunately, I’m not sure that I could sustain these shopping habits over a long time, but for a month it seems to be well worth the effort.  If you’re game to give the $21 Challenge a go, head over to Simple Savings to get all the details and tips you need.

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