Holiday Hangover

February 16, 2009

in Productivity

Hands up who’s struggling to get back to their real life routines after the school holidays. It can’t be just me, surely!

After spending a week with my folks over Christmas, we were back home for 10 days, then off again for two weeks at the beach in our caravan. Then it was seven days at home to get organised for the coming school year. With all that travelling, packing and unpacking there was no time for routines.

Time to Just Be

Truth be, I actually made a conscious effort not to adhere to a schedule during the holidays. I think after a year of having to be here and there at certain times, we all need to relax and do things in our own time. Particularly while we were at the beach we got up when we liked, ate when we were hungry, went swimming and walking at times I wouldn’t even consider at home. And you know what? It was fantastic.

Rest in Peace by Randy Son Of Robert.

Photo by Randy Son of Robert

Time to Return to Schedule

Now that school and after school activities have all started again (except for the minor inconvenience of a case of chicken pox last week) I need to return to a routine just to keep things sane.  But I’ve been finding it difficult.  This week, rather than jump in the deep end where we left off last year, I’m going to start off slow.

  • Make sure I’m up by 7:00am
  • Which means I need to be well and truly in bed by 11:00pm
  • Do a load of washing a day
  • Iron that load of washing each day
  • Focus on one area of the house to clean, tidy or declutter each day

It’s Not Just for Me

What happens when I’m dithering about trying to get myself organised?  Everyone else becomes disorganised as well.

  • There’s no ironed work shirts, no clean school socks, we can’t find someone’s shoes
  • The kids look at me still in my PJ’s at some ungodly hour and decide there’s no reason for them to be dressed yet either.
  • I spend a fortune at the supermarket because I have no idea what we’re eating for the rest of the week or what’s in the cupboard
  • I forget appointments…

For our whole family to operate smoothly, I need to be operating smoothly.  So I’ll stick with my simple routines for this week and slowly add to them as we go on.  Before I know it I’ll be back where I was.

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