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February 13, 2009

in Homekeeping

Now that I’m reluctantly pulling myself out of holiday mode (yes, I know holidays finished ages ago!), it’s time to think a bit more about what we’re eating and how much I’m spending on groceries.  Enter meal planning.  During the “normal” part of the year (that is when I’m not relaxing on one of our caravan trip) I’m generally pretty good with meal planning.

Why bother?

When I’m busy ferrying the kids around the place it is very helpful to:

  1. Know at a glance what we’re having for dinner that night; and
  2. Know that I have the ingredients in the pantry and fridge – no rushing to the supermarket at 5:30

I use software to plan my menus and create my shopping lists, but it doesn’t take much longer to do them with a pencil and paper.  For more details on how I go about it, have a look back at this menu planning post.

This week we’re eating

  • Friday
    • Fish & Chips – mum’s night off
  • Saturday
    • Bacon & Rosemary Risotto
    • Baking – Apricot Slice
  • Sunday
    • Corned beef & vegies
  • Monday
    • Chicken Curry & Mango Salad
  • Tuesday
    • Cowboy Casserole
  • Wednesday
    • Couscous, Herb & Proscuitto Meatloaf
    • Honey Oat Bars
  • Thursday
    • All Day Breakfast Salad


Download a copy of most of the recipes for this week.

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