Menu Planning – Maintaining the Momentum

February 27, 2009

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This week I managed very well to empty the freezer.  The fridge is full to overflowing with leftovers which will make lunches over the weekend easier.  As much as I usually love salad sandwiches, I’m over them as the predominant lunch option on the weekends.  For the next week I’m aiming to double some quantities so I can add some meals to the freezer.  The Thinker will be away the following week and by the time evening arrives I’ll be just about ready to put my feet up, not start cooking!

That’s another great advantage of menu planning – little contingencies like this are easy to do.

This week we’re eating

  • Friday
    • You guessed it:  Fish & Chips – mum’s night off
  • Saturday
    • Chow Mein (doubled for freezer)
  • Sunday
    • Roast beef & vegies
  • Monday
    • Red Pepper Pasta
  • Tuesday
    • Sweet Beef Curry (doubled for freezer)
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
    • Humble Pie
Chow mein
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Again next week, The Thinker will head off to the market for some lovely fresh and cheap fruit and vegies.


Download a copy of most of the recipes for this week.

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