Menu Planning – Empty the Pantry

February 22, 2009

in Homekeeping

Well I was certainly shocked out of my holiday complacency last week when I had to pay the grocery bill.  It was horrendous.  So much so, that this week in my menu planning I’m attempting to use as much existing food from the pantry, fridge and freezer.  I’ve done the grocery shop for this week and so far it’s only about a third of last week (I’ll need to top up fresh fruit and bread later in the week).  Phew.

This week we’re eating

  • Friday
    • Fish & Chips – mum’s night off
  • Saturday
    • Caeser Salad Beef Burgers
    • Baking – Apricot Slice
  • Sunday
    • Roast chicken & vegies
  • Monday
    • Beef Korma
  • Tuesday
    • Crockpot Lasagne
  • Wednesday
    • Double Potato Soup with Bruscetta
    • Honey Oat Bars
  • Thursday
    • Chicken Fried Rice


    Download a copy of most of the recipes for this week.

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