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June 26, 2008

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As promised, it’s time to review my getting things done at home progress. I mentioned in , that it’s the review part that often stumps me even though I consider it to be the most important part of the process.

I use a paper based intray for, well, paper stuff. For thoughts and to do’s I often enter them straight onto the computer. At the moment I’m using Omnifocus to capture these things. Omnifocus is a purpose build GTD application that I find works well for me.

The most important thing I’ve done this month is find out how to use the review function in Omnifocus properly for my weekly and monthly reviews. Wow. What a different the right tool makes.

I can set up how often each project or action needs to be reviewed. Then on the weekend (usually) I bring up the review screen and check how I’m going against my targets.

It’s quick and easy. That’s important because I haven’t been able to stick to a system of reviewing before.

Using this system, I’ve been able to stay focused on where I am going and where I should be at a given point.

No doubt I’ll continue to fiddle the system, just because I can. Even today I found was tempted by some of the systems in this post at Apple Briefs.

Do you find computer or paper based systems (or perhaps a combination of both) work best for you? Why?

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